The Transformation From Old to The New Earth Episode #1

Additional Information: Masculines are about to be tested while their feminine is in retreat. Karmics will come to use old tricks right when masculine takes a leap of faith towards the right direction. They will be tested to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the changes they say they want to make. Mama says as the poles shift, so too will the duality in all that exist and that is why she returns at this time and the matriach rises! The feminine will be in a masculine-dominant energy and the masculines will be in a feminine-dominant energy within themselves. The feminine will take charge, doing jobs or working on projects classically seen as a "man's job" etc. and protecting themselves and those close to them. Masculines will be in a self caring and nuturing energy while also seeing how it feels to truly nuture others. Feminines will be approached by an old lover. This person finally has the courage to apporach you. They took awhile to acknowledge your worth and value, because of their own pride. They may have talked shit about you while they were away but every last person they did talk shit about you too has either fallen out of their life, they have fallen out with or they showed their true colors. Can't nobody do it like you Divine Fem and the Masculines know it which is why they are trying to find their way back to you. If they did leave you for a karmic, this karmic doesn't know how to do half the things you do, they are just really good at pretending. But the truth shows eventually. Both are being asked to affirm their boundaries with karmics and old lessons, lest you repeat the same lesson again. Once masculine gets to his feminine he won't want to leave. If a masculine is traveling to his feminine during these next 3 months. Make sure to pack extra clothes etc. because you will be staying longer. (Some of you know this, or even are planning for this) Again masculine wants to go back home and feel safe, divine feminine allow him, as long as he is true in heart and respects himself first, and lends that respect to you. Thanks for watching the video!

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