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Hypnotherapy Service Provider: Coming Soon!

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Please Read thoroughly, before booking!


Pre-Recorded Live Sessions Pre-recorded readings will take about 24-72 hours for the client to receive. It will be emailed to the customer via a private audio link. 

Live Readings, after receiving notification of booking,  I will send a email with a zoom link . PLEASE NOTE, I am currently in the PST Zone.  It will be your responsibility to factor and convert that time zone. For example, if you say 3pm, I will rightfully assume you mean 3pm Pacific Standard Time. For Live and Pre-recorded readings, be sure to let me know exactly how you would like your reading to be focused upon. My Specialty is Love, Family, and Career. 


Natal Chart Breakdown: Please include your Date of Birth, Accurate Time of Birth, and Place of Birth in the note section. Please give me 24-48 hours to email a written copy of your reading. 


Past Life & Mediumship Sessions: Both these readings only come pre-recorded which takes 24-72 hours to be emailed to you. Past Life Readings are for the purpose of seeing what past life trauma needs to be healed for you to move forward smoothly this life, or for inspiration in regards to skills and important lessons you already mastered in past lives, which can help you develop and grow in this lifetime.

Mediumship Readings are for the purpose of connecting and communicating to those who have already passed on in order to receive messages of confirmation from your passed over loved ones. 

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