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555 Changes Are Being Made!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Welocme to my very first blog post! I am super excited to role out a new way of expressing myself and getting the information to the collective directly with out third party interference. While I do love and enjoy doing my thing on youtube, it has its restrictions. This has encouraged me to take advantage of my own creativity and begin driving the energy back to home base.. aka me! So I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what's going on with my and my channel and what should be expected going forward. I would love to fully breakdown what changes are underway, because yes.... changes are taking place!


So for those of you who have been getting readings from me on a personal tip, and haven't gone through the site to book, that is going to be one major change. I would like to be able to document and record as many interactions as I can. I know I won't be able to have everyone go through the website. However for those who are perfectly capable, I would love to direct the attention to a new feature where you can pay manually! This means even if you do a session with me in person, you can still book on the website and pay in person. Another change that is going to happen is that for live sessions with me, I will be doing everything over zoom. I will no longer be doing phone calls or allowing personal access to my phone number or other sensitive information. I realized that I was in a way mixing business with pleasure by allowing my clients personal access to me. Once you book a live session I will send an email confirmation and I will also provide you with a zoom link for the session. If you would like to have that session via zoom recorded let me know and you can access the recording for an additional $10. Another HUGE change that is being made is that I will not be doing "readings" anymore. I am being extremely intentional with the energy that I am cultivating and the word "reading" does not resonate with what I am doing at this moment. I am also transforming the type of information I will be providing individually and as a collective, meaning I will not be advising but rather reflecting truth and being a mirror for those who are seeking to find out what their blockages are. I know that as a vibrant being, you have free will and can make whatever decision is best for you when you feel it is best for you, therefore to protect my energy and not get drained as well as to honor your free will I will not be giving out advice. For those who have noticed my absence from social media and youtube, it's honestly due to needing to rejuvinate and allow myself the space for renewal. I was allowing myself to be extremely drained which burnt me out and alternated the quality of information I was providing the collective with. For now I won't be doing individual zodiac readings, but I will be more collective based and channeling truth for individuals it may resonate with. I am perfectly okay with not everybody resonating with the information I provide, because It's not for everybody! These changes are what is to be expected going forward. For now I am on a break, from social from youtube from the repetitive cyclical events of my old life. Continue reading if your interested to know more about that process..


You know, that's a great question. I've asked myself that more times this year than I can count, or at least thought about it. First and foremost I am embracing the changes, well practically leaping into them with a fire in my heart and a determined mind. That may look different than what alot of people are use to seeing me doing.. and that's okay. Change is a beautiful thing most fear because it means their comfort zone is being ripped away. I however thirst for change although I do find myself momentarily feeling like how those I just mentioned may feel if the rug did get ripped from under their feet. But then I realize that I am safe and protected in every moment, and to worry is to doubt not only the divine source of all that is, but also to doubt the divine source of creator that exist in me. For those who are friends and family that maybe unsure of what's going on. Trust that I am in a safety net of knowing, not thinking nor worrying. So trust as I trust. I've been reflecting deeply on who I truly am with out the influence or suggestion of others. It sounds easy, but the process of peeling back each layer of myself, and boldy asking, did I create this or was there an underline of influence, validation searching or many of the other mechanisms we use to "fill a void". There was never any void, you were full and complete well before the world told you to loose 20 pounds, or to alter your body for likes and views. Even the subtle energies such as the goals you think will make you happy, like buying a house or having a child. What part of this did you truly want for yourself that someone else didn't first teach you, or suggest to you that this was what you wanted. I think that's a message of its own, and so I see my process and journey being just that. A message to others, not that the soul purpose of my journey is to be of demonstration to others, but that I am allowing that to be apart of my journey, because all cannot come along, and all may not understand. For now that's all I can really comment on what's happening for myself. I am allowing the universe to fully take care of me.. aka I am taking care of me lol, and rejoicing in my ability to do so despite whatever the fuck is happening outside of me... I am happy, well fed, warm and eternally abundant, so don't worry bout me.. worry bout yourself.


Okay so the part yall been waiting for! I was getting lots of channelings while in my retreat mode, speaking of retreat I will be making an important announcement soon as I will be offering live experiences up on Mount Shasta this July and Aug. 2021. I wanted to wait until the mercurial energy finishes doing what its doing! But stay tuned for that anncouncement it will be coming at the end of June! Collective... I kept getting the song " Do what you do, but watch my sneakers... (step on em) step on em and I'll sneak ya" I think thats a song by Webbie lol, anyways I was channeling it so much, and as I camped on the mountain, I heard the tree's say "What are sneakers"? and "What does sneak ya mean" they were the younger trees I had a pleasure of living amongst for a few days of camping. I kept hearing that line until I heard mama earth sing it. It all clicked... she was basically saying, do what you do... live your life be happy follow your dream.. but watch my sneakers... meaning.. be mindful of who's time your on, who's resources your using and how whatever your doing is effecting the earth good or bad... aint that something. Mama earth got some hood in her! And when I tell you I been in the woods aka these spiritual streets, I now understand that she made the hood not the society we live in. So be mindful of how what your doing is effecting the earth either good or bad because she does say " step on em and I'll sneak ya" meaning if your not aware, your going to be very soon! Mama says its a promise not a threat. Many of you may feel tired, sluggish but trying your best to fake it til you make it. I am hearing some of you are wearing down the joints and bones? Even those who are young because your running yourself to the ground, trying to stay on the grind. Some of you are creating the drama you say you are tired of my making up storylines and scenarios in your mind that don't even exist. That's an example of letting your imagination run too wild. Calm down. This summer should be a beautiful one, but it depends on what you choose. I am seeing friend circles breaking up, due to one individual person making a choice to be different. That may look however that's going to look for your specific situation but this is truth. That one person walking away is going to cause an entire change to that whole friend group. That one person may have tried in the past to push and force people too look at themselves and how to make their lives better. They laughed, they shrugged it off, they said no way... Now, they will see. There's a settlement someone is going to get, but not without a major change. Possible having to move across the country or being left a fortune by a family memeber after passing.. There is alot to be sorted out. More deaths are coming in the following months. This time it comes with paperwork and wills. I just heard "time is up" it is now time for the forgotten to claim their spot on the royal throne! Those of you who know... know! Collective shift is coming, you think you know what that means by the new moons and super full moons and eclispes. But if you truly understood that the order these dominioes are being lined up, are the exact order they will be knocked down. The crash is coming. I have said this for a while since before 2020 and the whole plandemic. We are going into the most beautifully terrifying time we have never imagined. It's funny though because your subconscious and everyone elses knows this, and can feel it, every breath you take is one breath closer to the beginning of the end! I salute every soul for being here. Soulmates and twins.. I too have a message for you... The time is coming! For your union... It will be the most realist thing you have ever experienced. You will question your previous reality in contrast to that first moment of interaction. I am so happy for those beautiful unions as it took lifetimes to come to this point on your soul journey. Alone time is required. If you are questioning if your in union, but not taking alone time my sure answer is NO! If you are running through the dating scene trying to find your mate, that was your first mistake and that's why your running into karmic copies! Your mate is in solitude as you too should be. Not the fake seeking attention or trying to prove a point solitude. You don't have to explain to anyone why you are retreating, just do it. The masculines have been visiting their feminines in the dream state as well, showing them what they're planning on doing and having those deep conversations. Be aware masculines to honor your true feelings if your feminine should ever confront you. I say this because some of the femmes will and masculine may risk delaying the connection by not truly honoring and being honest with their feelings. Some femmes will find out a masculine they never thought would be into them has long since had a crush. Some femmes are even finding out these masculines have powers and abilities to intentionally tap into their dream space but act like they don't.... sneaky lil bastards. Femmes, you are harnessing a power you haven't experienced in a long while! Your not even sure what to do with it. Some of you could be finding out you have psychic or supernatural abilities that you didn't know you were capable of or only saw glimpses of! I am seeing femmes holding this lotus flower in their hand as it glows and beams light... only to realise you are the lotus as much as you are projecting the reflection image of the lotus. You are all feminine never forget, this is a feminine planet.. Mama is back and she isn't going anywhere.. she will continue to get up in your face and get raw and real.. Oh yeah sehkmet said you bitches need to stop calling her and trying to summon her... She said have you not heard that cat calling don't get you the pussy! She laughs with her head back as she says this. So the baby witches trying to summon dark evergy to go about your desires, or even trying to call sehkment to do your bidding, she said stop.. She came in very heavy to tell yall this.. she said your playing with fire and your about to get burnt..which is connected to another channeling for another day, but yes fires are coming.. All the lower vibraional energy I will address accordingly.. Your time is coming and its coming soon. You all who do evil and call yourself righteous are going to experience karma from the last century, so don't play with the divine's children, play with yours. That is all my loves

- Kay Love 6/11/21

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