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Your Reaching A Turning Point

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Did you hear the call? If you did, did you decide to answer? If you answered the call, do you truly know why? Remeberence is key at this point for all beings. It will come to you all at once in some moments. You may feel like you understand the meaning of life, and that where you currently find yourself at isn't quite where you want to be. You may wake up and realize how misaligned you were to your truest desire. Sometimes it just takes stepping to the side of the situation to see the many different parallels of opportunities you have vs what you have automatically chosen over and over again. I just heard, the ghoist in the shell. Alot of those who resonate with this message have found they feel like they are running within a machine. The machine being the outer workings of their life, the web of influence and obligation via societal standards and social norms. It reminds me of when I was in high school. I took a social studies course as an elective in 11th grade. Our teacher, who's name truly is missing me at this point, had us do social experiements to challenge what we socially and psychologically have been trained to see as normal. One of the assignments was to stand in a space (coffee shop, store, sidewalk etc) with no seeable purpose or function. And we were to document the reactions of those around us in a report as to reflect on what exactly was challenged in that scenario. I learned many lessons and collected gems in regards to that one lesson. Sometimes it really isn't about the outside stimuli, its about the why and what side of the why you are looking into. By simply standing still in the midst of the business as usual ever revolving world, you see the why in all that you have the courage to question. Then in that space you see the stagnant energy that some of the questioning may provide you with. There are so many layers of action and pathways that can be taken and created within the internal clearing of stagnant energy. But first you would need to know what is stagnant and why. See how the why keeps showing up in various scenarios? Alot of you are questioning WHY you are still doing things or participating in the perpetual programming of your own mind, rather than reprogramming the mind to be of better service and productivity to the being and the beings experience. That's why the 9-5's and the things that we thought we were supposed to do (intentional suggestive programming turned into traditionalism) are no longer able to restrain our minds. We are still asking why and seeking deeper answers. The things that you use to think were fun and productive now have become a repetivite cycle capping your potential to reach whatever height you want to go towards. It is here in these small details that we cannot only adjust but redirect the energy and align into full consciousness of purpose, not just for the self, but the interwebs of various consciousnesses that are creating, interacting, and becoming an observer of its own reality. That's all we are here doing anyways. There have been so many layers of programming that you have programming to correct any older versions of previous programming, and by product programming. So I feel some of you ask yourseslf, where do I start? START BEING AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Start by allowing yourself to freely express, what's the big idea. WHY are you afraid to do something the society doesn't agree with? Truly if you are as free as you idealize then you should be able to. This begs the question, are you a social slave? This reminds me of strange steve. It was a show back in the day where this guy would go out in public with a speedo and walk into stores doing "weird" things and asking seemingly unrelated questions to on lookers. Reminds me even more of my social studies teacher who challenged us to be like strange steve in a sense. You think you are free but are constrained by invisible chains of shame judgement and rejection so you would do anything in order to avoid these feelings. I keep hearing the why's as I observe the content I am currently creating. Why does most organize religion only focus on the patriarchal aspects while ignoring or belittling the major matriarchal aspects? Why do we only give thanks to our father in heaven. but not our heavenly mother? I find myself waking up everyday and thanking father god and mother goddess, because truly I am a whole being thanking myself for allowing the reality I created to co exist with myself and other consciousnesses. This brings me to the soverignty that the Feminine and Masculine are proceeding towards, so in the next passages I will be channeling messages for both. We are truly coming into a space where we are intergrating into one. God Body.

The Labryith Of Masculine

I found myself trying to deliver this message without getting my feelings involved as I truly have a soft spot for the masculine energy as we know it today. I can look through the akashic and see the periods of our days past when our masculines were God's to us, and allowed us the comfort as feminine to be who we are without capping that consciousness. Even as we scratch the surface I just want to say, masculines miss their mom. They want their mommy. I am not talking about the incarnated version of a mother you chose before incarnating. I am talking about Thee Mother, your first womb of creation into this bubble under the sea. It reminds me of the movie "Baby Boy" and the interludes of him being an adult man in the womb as he described his various moments of birth and rebirth. Masculine wants to climb back in his mothers womb to feel safe again. Your true mother wants you to know you are always with her and she lives in you. You give life to her when you live in your truest emotions without trying to do or be anything other than. But your mother says do you even know the portal you came out of? I see that some masculines have attached to dark mother energy that makes the man child become her husband before it is time and in sense stunts his growth. Masculine you have been with dark mother for awhile now. You are free to go wherever you want, but just know the portal you came out of where you are looking for that safe space is open and embracing of you. How did the masculine become untrusting of his own mother? Sehkmet says because some bitch thought she could come in and do it better. It was lust frustration and seeking revenge through false teachings that have put the high honor of mother to shame and deceived masculine. It is the false light that acts like it heals yet drains the energy. Sekhment said, did you know pussy can stop wars... but it can also create them. Sekhment is very blunt and has no problem letting truth be known in its rawest form. Everytime you bust a nut on a bird bitch you just gave the dark mother more of your energy. Everytime you jack off to the spineless hoe that treated you like dirt you are giving your power to the dark mother.. and in turn you become her slave. Does this sound familiar? So then what does this leave masculine with? It leaves them with an opportunity to turn the course of events and retract fromt the course they were on. Those who have seen this truth for what it is and want to redirect the energy have been calling on their earth mothers. The ones who have or haven't bore children, yet provide a mothering energy to those children that feel lost. Call on those trusting femme friends that want you to evolve as much as you do. I am seeing that masculine wants to hug their feminine. They want to have a whole conversation through a hug, and say all the things they were never able to truly honor due to the fact that they put themselves through slavery of the dark mother. They don't want to perverse the purity of love they wish to reflect and to receive. Masculine wants to bathe in the light and form energy of truth and knowing. Masculine wants to get clean, but truly they were never dirty, it was the dark mother telling them that to keep them bound by guilt shame and rejection so they never actualized their truest desire to return home. He wants a home, a home that he only remembers through transversing of timelines. It's like missing a place you only seen in a magazine and not knowing why you feel so connected. Your mother says walk away from the destruction of the feminie and masculine. Be true to all forms you come in whether the society likes it or not. You are free to walk away the caged bird no longer has a cage yet is afraid still to remove itself from the hell that tourtures it. Then does that mean you have allowed the pain programming to become accompanied by the addiction programming?Meaning you are addicted to the pain you say want nothing more of. Masculine you are glorious in all your forms no one can argue that but you have to understand the why, the purpose and the function for all the sides and forms of you. Let them be applied accordingly to honor order and maintain the alignment you are walking through. The love spells and blood bondage being placed upon you is lifted and truly means no thing right now. Meaning a wombman can do her magic and influnece you against your will in her perspective, but you are free to walk away as we step into our soverignty. A virtuous woman is in the waits for you, on her own path unlocking her own doors, rather than creating traps for you. This woman is the emodyment of the mother you wish to return to, but you must clean your hands of the past in order to enter her temple and place your gaze upon her extraordinary glow. For surely she will shine so bright, even you will be exposed and removed of falsities. Sekhmet says remove it first because that kind of exposure might offend your ego. You are restless about someone. You can't sleep well, and when you do manage to find the peace of a sound sleep still this person is on your mind and in your dreams. There are 2 women in this way that are on your mind. One is the dark mother trying to hook you back into self perpetuating cycles of devolution. And the other is your mother, she speaks to your soul without having to say anything. Her emotions muster the warrior in you to take action based on the collaboration of feeling and logic, she is you. And now the choice is yours!

The Unimaginable Power Of Feminine

Oh dear sistar and sweet nuturer. You are so much more than you have been given access to knowing. You are the center of all that inspires to be and exist. Your thoughts create other worlds and realms of existence that you physically manifest effortlessly. So then, I must ask, why do you not honor such power in a higher regard? Why do you let those with dirty hands touch your royal garments? Surely they know better, but do you? You have gone through ages of amnesia and now it is time to fully awaken. You are the apple of your fathers eye. Honor him in being exactly who you are. You call the shots truly and make the final decisions because while logic is useful in a physical world, your inner knowing is just as useful in both the spiritual and physical world. You are the daughter of the first and all goddesses. That's why you draw all the attention, sekhment said that's why bitches be hating on you for seemingly no reason because THEY KNOW who you are, but do you. You are from another realm and you tricked yourself into being mortal to follow out the mission, however now is the part where you burst into flames and raise to heights not even you imagined for yourself. You are the phoenix and you are going to show everyone who you really are. You are not afraid anymore, you don't have to use or rely on any other deity or object of power for YOU are the object of power now my love. What you say goes. I feel some femmes are shining so bright they don't even know. Be aware of the moths that will come, they will fly right into the fire and destroy themselves just to get close to the beautiful flame. And this is what the masculines have learned about you! Now they know, everything that glitter aint gold baby. Feminie raise your prices is what I heard. And add tax because your value is incomparable that's why the masculines who haven't embraced the truth are still looking for you in a pile of ash. You have risen from the ashes they thought they left you in and you are beyond where their eyes can see. Send them love anyways those are your lost children. I am sensing that as we get closer to this turning point and things become aligned that you are questioning the true masculines. Are these really your children that have come home to love on you and give you offerings, or are these the ones that come with empty promises pockets and hearts? You will know, you will because you will set the perimeters so that the latter can't even get in the temple. But YOU set the standards. Some will question if its okay to be embraced due to past trauma. He just wants to love you dear let him. He wants that hug to tell you how protected you are and how highly honored and revered you are always. He wants to be submissive to you emotionally and allow you into those spaces he hides his biggest hopes and dreams. He wants to let you in. That hug is going to feel like the truest form of love you ever experienced. Centuries worth of words unsaid and explanation for behaviors turned into ancestoral patterns will be revealed unto because you are the Queen Ruler and you demand all truth to be expressed. Sekhment says be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Before you are able to embrace this physically you will need to forgive those lost children that came and robbed you of your jewels. In truth you allowed them to come and rob you because you felt bad for them, that the didn't recognize who you were.. their mother! The masculine wants to be loved through anything and secure in knowing that you won't banish him for his mistakes or take away your love like the dark mother tells him you will do. He feels he has to be perfect. But in truth he knows as long as he honors the you that exist in him and maintain that balance of self care and love that he cannot be banished. Only when he goes against the truth in his heart is he banishing himself from your kingdom. When you feel that hug and that embrace it will remind you of being protected by your father your first father of creation. You will feel like a baby warm and fed and happy. Once the embrace concludes you will look as if you didn't realize how much you had been missing that and really rejecting that from your life altogether. It will seem as if 100 years went by in 2 minutes and you won't want the embrace to end. Yet that is ust a preview to how powerful the 2 of you can be in exchanging and allowing energy to flow unbothered. The one you cannot get off your mind is also the one that pretends they don't feel the feelings they do have for you. You will have an abundance of options to choose from, always choose you!

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